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When you choose to work with us the equipment we install is “best in class”. Stylish, efficient and reliable - we have the right solution for every requirement.


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Our sales team and technicians will work alongside you to specify and select the optimum equipment, configured exactly to match your needs. This way we can ensure you will be pouring the best tasting drinks - bar none!

From filtration, cooling and carbonation to dispensing and displays we’ve got it covered. Please take a look at just some of the examples of our extensive range of equipment.

Wunder-bar bar gun

The world leading standard for post-mix bar dispensers

The world’s most popular post-mix beverage dispenser is compact, sturdy and multifunctional. Our barguns help you focus on your customers, improve efficiency and sell more drinks.

  • Serves up to 14 different products.
  • Works with any bag in box system.
  • Easy flow control adjustment.
  • Self rinsing nozzle cup.
  • Flexible hose 100% European compliant.
  • NSF and SK certified.
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Abevco Breeze

Abevco Breeze post-mix tower with body in anodised aluminium, LED illuminated logos and customisable central plate.

Available in: 6 & 8 valves

Abevco One

Abevco One post-mix tower.

Available in: 4, 6 & 8 valves

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Abevco Soda Fountain

Abevco Soda Fountain post-mix tower with body in ceramic, customizable with pad printing.

Available with chrome or gold finish and with 6 or 8 valves.

Abevco 3

Abevco 3 Low, clamp on post-mix unit.


  • Abevco TV Font
  • SD Chrome Abevco Ikon
  • Chrome Abevco Bar Wedge

Small - Optima 7 & Icecore 1

Optima 7
Post-Mix Shelf Cooler R290

The Optima 7 is setting new standards in our soft drink cooler range, its designed for either under counter or remote installations. Optima 7 is a compact machine which offers a high cooling performance from its large compressor.

Next generation cooling technology with ‘ecoinside’

The ICECORE1 is available in both pre-mix and postmix soft drink shelf cooler. ICECORE 1 is the next generation in cooling technology with ‘ecoinside’. Developed to answer the call for a cooling system that performs better both ecologically and economically, ICECORE technology offers a dramatic reduction in energy consumption and running cost.

Medium - Hyper Warwick and Icecore 10

Hyper Warwick
Post-Mix Shelf Cooler R290

The Hyper Warwick postmix cooler is designed for either under counter or remote installations. Hyper Warwick is small and compact but offers high cooling performance from its large compressor. The Hyper Warwick R290 hydrocarbon cooler offers dramatic improvements in energy consumption and reliability, with overall lower ‘Total Cost of Ownership’.

Cold Carbonation Post-mix cooler

The ICECORE 10 has been designed to reduce energy consumption and improve reliability.

Large - Icecore 30

ICECORE 30 Remote Cooler
Sustainable remote cooling and carbonating system

The ICECORE 30 remote cooler is a sustainable remote cooling and carbonating system that has been developed and designed to improve reliability and lower customer service costs by using energy efficient, natural refrigerants such as R290 Hydrocarbon. Combining the HFC-Free natural refrigerants with sustainable parts within the unit has helped improve performance and reduce the customers ‘Total Life’ cost.